Online Coding Examination is the most important cycle for analyzing and checking of the ability of any candidate as a Programmer. It is a test that is conducted to mark the Coding skills, performance and Developer's pro-grammatical intelligence..

You have written million lines of Codes, has spent numerous of hours in front of the computer, forums and conferences,training's and tutorials. it’s time to improve your knowledge by testing your coding's Competency. .

What it does

1.) Members are Authenticated via Facebook Login

Then we use ReactJs for the following below
2.) The Programming Tutor/Mentor/Admin creates an online classroom called Group.
3.) The Tutor sends the group Name to all his/her students, friends to search and Join the Group which requires them to send Join Request to the Tutor.
4.) The Class Admin or Programming Tutor can then Accept or Reject the Request.
5.) The Tutor can Manage her Class/Group by allowing and blocking its members from Manage members Option.
6.) The Tutor can create Quiz from quiz management options
7.) The quiz system allows the Tutor to
A.) Set the Time Duration for her Class Quiz
B.) Set Programming Language Name for the Quiz eg (ReactJs, React Native etc.)
C.) Set Scores marks for each questions. For instance, React Tutor can set each question to be equals to 2 marks etc.
D.) Set unlimited Questions, Answer Options and Correct Answers for each question
E.) Can Edit and Delete Questions.

7.) The Class/Group Members can click on the groups they belongs to take the timely online quiz.
8.)Groups Members Quiz Performances are displayed at the end of the test. For instance the Quiz taker can View her scores, No of Questions he gets right and Wrong etc.
9.) React Students Learners can review each of the questions to actually know the questions he gets corrects or wrong
10.) Over all Students quiz performances are sent to their Tutor for that class/group which the Tutor can access from Quiz Managements Options

Diagrammatical Illustrations of the Apps Components

Coders Quiz allows Programming Tutors to test their Students Coding Skills and Experience by setting and inviting them to an online timely Test.

Follow the step Below to get it done
1.) FaceBook Login/SignUp: Users Signup/Login is by FaceBook

Quiz System

2.) Create Group: This Components allows users to easily create a group name along with the description of the group as can be seen in the screenshot below
Create Group

Once Group has been created, You can send your group name to your friends so that they can search it from the auto suggestion search box and join.

3.) Join Group: This Components allows users to Join a group by sending a request to the group creator/admin. Admin can then accept or reject the request. If your request is accepted, you can then join the online Quiz Class for taking your Programmatical test.. Join Group

Accept or Reject Member

4.) Manage Members: This Components allows users/admin to manage her group Members. Admin can also block any member based on rules violations.

5.) Manage Quiz: This Components allows users/admin to create a quiz and view her students quiz Performance.

To create a quiz, The Quiz creator has to select a Particular Group he created, then set the followings on Step 1

1.) Quiz Language Type eg. ReactJs, React Native, React VR etc.
2.) Quiz Duration Time
3.) Score Per question

quiz Time and Score Setting system

On Step 2, The Quiz Creator has to set her Questions with corresponding options/answers along with the correct answers as can be seen below

Quiz System

Quiz System

Once the question are set, the corresponding group members can take the quiz any time any day. Once the quiz starts, the time starts counting and quiz automatically gets submitted once the quiz duration time gets expired....

Taking Quiz

Students can Review her questions to actually know the one he gets corrects and wrong

Quiz Review System

Students Coding Quiz results/Performance are automatically showed

Quiz Result System

Overall Students performance are sent to the Quiz Creator's profile which can be seen from Quiz Management Option

Quiz Performance System

How we built it

Coders Quiz system was a collective projects done by our Team
1.)Obiorah Amaechina (Idea Provider/Solver)
2.) Esedo Fredrick C. (Developer)

We use FaceBook Login to authenticate Users.

We use Reactjs for about 92% of the Project. All the database rendering was done with ReactJs. Database Dynamically load content was done in reactjs. We also use React Js to code Group creation System, Group Join System, Acceptance and Rejection of group request, Members Mangement system.Quiz Creation, Quiz Results and Performances System are also done by reactjs

We use Php at the server backend while Mysql serves as the Database..

Thank You

Challenges we ran into and Accomplishments

Building Quiz CRUD System in react. Am glad we finally Did it

Google Drives Repo

To Install it Locally, please download the open source file from Google drive link below and then follow the readme.txt files in it.

Google Drive Repo

If you are having an issue, hit us on mail miracleyear2 at gmail dot com

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