Ever since universities and schools across the United States suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sudden change to online learning has severely impacted the learning experience for many students. Using the extra time at home to learn to code, we realized that it was harder to understand many programming topics without the aid of a teacher or professor. Many online learning websites require the student to rely on their own in order to understand concepts, while online tutoring websites require an expensive subscription service. After struggling to find a perfect method of remote learning, we decided to create our own tutoring service. Completely free of charge and built with all the functionalities required for the complete learning experience, CoderConnect is prepared to improve student’s programming skills - whenever, wherever.

What it does

As a free online tutoring service, CoderConnect allows students interested in Computer Science to learn from a wide variety of programming skills. Our tutors are highly qualified individuals that have the necessary skills to teach anything our students are interested in learning. The process is made extremely easy. Simply connect with any tutor and communicate through live chat to secure meeting times. Students are able to work in real time with video chat, a collaborative code editor, and a whiteboard - the perfect learning environment.

How we built it

Technologies Used: NodeJS, ExpressJS, React, MongoDB, WebSockets (, WebRTC, Axios, Nodemailer, Multer (File Upload), and Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

One significant challenge we ran into was setting up the live video chat and collaborative code editor environment, as well as Syncing the sessions between two users to ensure they start and end at the same time. We were able to eventually implement these features through researching more about WebSockets and WebRTC and using and Simple Peer.

What we learned

This was our first experience with Web Development and learning the MERN Stack, and was definitely a valuable experience.

What's next for Coderconnect

We plan to add in-browser code execution and live screen sharing.

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