Inspired by Straight Talk's content and tons of articles from industry leaders. Arising Communication Gap between the employees ,employers and C-position holders.

What it does

Helps CIOs And CTOs to discuss plans over interactive platform. Complete social media tool for content sharing. Canvas for Idea exchange. FAST ACCESS:-Text Recognition and Augmented Reality enabled for Articles reading (Video Streaming in real time), their Author's social media profiles. Chat and video call for C-suite holders. Social Media engagement.

How we built it

We tried to combine two futuristic technologies and bring it in the pockets of industry leaders. First being Augmented Reality and OCR which bridges the process of users

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges we faced were related to Augmentation and Realtime collaboration using Wacom. We did our best to overcome those in the time limit

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After 30 hrs of intensive work, we are finally able to build a complete collaborative platform where users can post their queries along with the images. We are also creating more engagement through AR and summarising the articles effectively. In addition to that we have integrated WILL SDK which brings the power of wacom digital ink in our product.

What we learned

Talking about the technicals, we all are Mobile Developers basically, but for the first time we tried our hands on Web development along with the Mobile app and it was a great learning experience. We learned some of the design principles too and our both mobile and web app is based on Material Design.

What's next for CodeRage

We hope to win here and go to NYC!!

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