Present innovation deal’s with a recommendation system based on the coding language used. Whenever anyone starts their coding journey,it is quite a challenge for them - to select the proper language. Out of so many languages that are available,it is quite an arduous task for a beginner to select which language to start off with. Hence we propose to use a model to compare languages based on certain parameters and suggest a language for them..

Problem Statement:

Most common problems new programmers face are learning how you can gain perspective and fix your own issues and the most challenging task is how to choose a coding language ? We’re making this task easy for them.


We intend to make a comparative study of various languages based on certain parameters such as ease of use, work efficiency, career perspectives, etc. and feed it to our ML model. Using that, the user gets an appropriate suggestion of the language they can use to begin their journey in the land of programming.

Where it can be used:

It can be used as an educational platform or a recommendation engine for people who want to explore the various possibilities and uncharted territories of the wonderful world of programming. Since it is mainly aimed at helping out beginner’s to start off with their coding journey, hence it can be applied to a variety of places, such as schools, colleges where people can refer to it and have an understanding of which language to start off with. Also, it might help experienced professionals to compare various languages and give them an in-depth understanding.

What's next for Coder's Mate

Since it is mainly intended for people who are just newbies and getting started with programming, to select a language based on their skill level, interest ,visual appeal and hence help them learn a new language and help in their development, career growth ,etc.

Also, the people with some coding experience will be benefitted by our app since it will provide to them a visual representation of the future trends of various programming languages for uses in different areas such as Data Science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence ,IOT ,Web development ,etc. Thus they can learn random languages and have an in - depth idea about various other languages ,which they can use as per their requirements.

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