Command window games weren't a new concept in themselves. We knew plenty of other groups had a similar idea in mind: text-based, story-driven games. That's great, but we wanted to take this concept and expand upon it, specifically by crossing it with a different kind of game altogether, a top-down action style game. Pick-your-path with sequences of player controlled gaming, we believe this idea is new and quite unique.

What it does

This is a program that runs within a basic command window. The charm is that there is no API or outside source for control; the game is purely ASCII (comprised of text), even during action sequences. Clever manipulation of coordinates, during this part of the game, allows for redrawing stages over and over again, thus allowing the illusion of both character and enemy movement. In contrast, during the story segments, the user's decisions lead them through one of many unique paths of 'if()', most of which lead to interesting and unique outcomes.

How we built it

In order to build the input-based portion, my partners had to both design a set of stories to drive the plot, and set up the simple decision format that the story would follow from start to finish. Spaces had to be left for my action sequences as well. Such sequences first required the formation of a base structure, a template of sorts, for the characters and structures to act upon. A formed screen, constantly redrawn, allowed for movement and changes. All this had to be made into a function to interpret any set of coordinates and items given on multiple occasions.

Challenges we ran into

Time posed a small threat, but most obstacles to our success arose from difficulties and errors within our code. Many times we would work for a long time, just to discover that the method we were using was incorrect or inferior to another. Thus much of our time was spent by error-resolution efforts. Much of my time was also spent with trying to discover how to print at given coordinates, or fixing poor formatting or structure.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are overall very proud of our program. Because our design takes into account both unique and already used ideas, a good balance between action and story is maintained. In itself, putting in a large amount of time and effort, and thus getting something out of our work, is a reward. We found our project to be a major success, so hopefully others can understand how much it means to us as well.

What we learned

We learned quite a bit, not just about coding, but about responsibility and time management. On top of that, I myself laerned wquite a bit about various functions in c++ I had previously been unfamiliar with.

What's next for CodeQuest, by Legend_of_Code.exe

This segment is most imperative to our project. Because we set up a basic template that is incredibly easy to modify, in both action and story sequences, both ourselves and others can expand upon this project. The ease with which our framework can be innovated upon leaves a wide opening for others to modify and continue to improve our creation. This is fate we hope our project obtains, for we put an extraordinary amount of care into this project, an hope that others will continue this as well.

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