Solving personal business efficiency issues.

What it does

  • A product Distributor who has no logistics to maintain a Delivery truck fleet, someone who's delivery system is not economically efficient can use our application for real time tracking of delivery fleet and integrity check for the fleets.


  • There will be 2 end users :
    • Driver
    • Distributor (Head/Owner)
  • Distributor End:
    • Can add drivers and assign them delivery locations.
    • Monitor real time location of delivery fleet.
    • Notified on any delay in system. Incase time consumed for journey is greater than determined ETA or suggested route is not taken.
  • Driver End:
    • Shortest route that covers all target customers.
    • Notify when delivery is complete.

How we built it

Android integration with here maps api. Firebase : Cloud Firestore as database system.

What challenges did we face

A major challenge was to come up with a relevant problem statement that could be completed in given time frame.

Built With

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