As COVID-19 has heavily impacted the environment of learning, CODEPAL serves as a fun way to get back into the spirit of learning how to code. The app acts as a matching and chatting service that anyone around the world can use to find a coding buddy to learn programming or any coding language with. It is similar to a Penpal; however, instead of sending letters to each other, you will be helping each other learn how to code and maybe even build programs together! Besides this service, we also want to match young adults interested in coding to college students and people who work within the tech industry. We built the app using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. A challenge we ran into was creating a real and working chatbox for people to use once they had gotten matched on our server. Though we were unable to create this, we coded a UI Design of what the messaging part would look like. We hope to continue and create this in the future! After the W@CC Hackaton, we hope to expand on more subjects besides coding languages such as Biology, Psychology, and more! We want to create a unique environment where people can learn with others wherever they may be in the world.

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