At the beginning we took some time and called friends, family, and talked to random people about what they found most important when looking for a Bank. We narrowed down our focus to a few areas that of no motivation, that of wanting to make as much money as possible, and that of Finance being too hard to understand.

What it does

We made an application that can serve as an online Financial Portal. Our customer segment is someone that needs to be put into contact with a Financial Advisor so we created an application that they can play around with and that our customers will use and become excited about the power of their own finances. It is an application that informs you by making it easy to learn about different investment vehicles through the recommendation of what asset classes to use. Excites you by showing you the power of compound interest and how investing can help you reach your goals. And allows you to prepare to take action by teaching you about the pros and cons of each investment type.

How we built it

We began our process by searching for our problem. We knew that if we devoted a significant portion of our time at the beginning to the formulation of our idea that we would be invested in what we decided to do once we began building it and that we would have a lot more fun throughout the entire process if we were building an application that had a dedicated purpose. When we began to build our application in the wee hours of Saturday morning we worked towards each other strengths. Spencer who knew the most about Finance began to put together financial information to be used with our app. Matt our lead javascript developer began setting up the Javascript environment in which we would work and Jake our design lead began working out our initial final design. We eventually used a web development stack of Meteor JavaScript, Vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS to put it together. We worked together as a team and most importantly had a lot of fun learning, working together, and meeting all of the amazing First National Bank Employees and Security Guards.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Did it in 48 Hours. Staying awake for 46 hours straight.

What's next for CodeOneHackathon

This is an amazing competition and we can't wait to come back and spread the word about it.

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