Code jam project for team Three Guys In the Back of the Room who also happen to be Elie's friends, except that one guy.


This project is a Django web application where players bet virtual currency on baseball games that are semi-randomly simulated using a predictive model from a neural network.

Technologies Used

  • Python 3.5.3
  • Django 1.11.7
  • Tensorflow 1.3.0

Team Members:

  • Evan Laflamme - Machine Learning
  • Justin Tremblay - Season and match simulation
  • Bogdan Dumitru - Betting system
  • Michael Vaquier - Django application
  • Thomas faribault-Menard - Django application

Data set

For this project, the teamStats.csv data set from the baseball section was used.

The project's zip file is too big for devpost, get the code form the repo in the "try it out" section

Set up:

  • Install dependencies, see above
  • Clone the repo
  • cd in web/oursite/
  • type python3.5 runserver
  • Go to
  • Add at least two bidders
  • confirm the players (this is going to be slow, be patient)
  • place your bets
  • ... profit!

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