We believe that the best way of improving coding skills is to learn from others' code. However, we thought that ordinary code reading is quite boring. After several hours of discussions on how to make code reading intriguing, we came up with the idea of CodeHigh.

What it does

CodeHigh is a platform for coders to compete real-time. Users can easily sign in using their Facebook accounts. After two to eight players join a game, a random algorithm problem is given. Each player writes his/her own solution within the given time. Players can submit their solutions after passing all the test cases. Once everyone submits (or gives up), they vote for the most creative solution. Users can view all the ranked solutions so far and discuss them using Facebook Comments. They can also propose a new algorithm problem. CodeHigh lets users learn from others while having fun.

How we built it

React + Node.js + + Mongoose on AWS EC2

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We won 2nd place and Best Use of AWS at Hack K-State Fall 2017.

What we learned

We learned that competitive programming is addictive and that code reading can be fun!

What's next for CodeHigh

Support programming languages other than ECMAScript. Adopt a chess rating system to match up players of similar level.

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