We created this web app to take care of the issue of not knowing where to recycle certain materials. It is a common problem we face as although we are all for recycling, sometimes we don't know where exactly to recycle. We built it using HTML/CSS and Python to get the recycling locations from our datastore. The entire web app is hosted on a virtual web server on AWS and it uses a few apis from google's cloud platform for the geolocation. We also took advantage of's domain offerings and registered a domain name for the app. We did face a couple issues attempting to put this together, mostly a lot of string concatenation and getting the python to play nicely get requests. We also ended up having to add an SSL certificate in order for the Google APIs to work properly. In the end we got it to work but we are no where near done. We have plans to add a visual map and plot out the results as well as adding in sms functionality so you can send a route to your phone.

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