To create excel add in that can be compatible with both excel desktop app and excel online. Using which we can create bulk jira issues from sheet.

What it does

  • You need to download JiraIssuesTemplate or JiraIssuesFile and codegeistexceladdin-manifest files from here
  • Add "Account URL" and "Authorization Code" to configure add-in
  • Add data in table in "jira issues" sheet , select project and run add-in
  • This will create issues as per entered data in selected project
  • Detailed instruction on how to run is available in above link

How I built it

  • Create Excel-add in using Yeoman generator and visual studio code
  • Use REST API of Jira Cloud platform from here
  • Create API in node js for authorization and other operation for jira
  • Host this api on heroku
  • Host static HTML, css and js files for add-in on google Firebase

Challenges I ran into

  • To create multiple jira issues from table and update status and details column against respective row

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I am able to create functionality that can add multiple jira issues from table

What I learned

  • Atlassian cloud developer
  • host and consume API from node js

What's next for Codegeist Excel Addin

  • Right now it is one way operation means user can add data from excel to atlassian account, we can add functionality to update data back to table from atlassian using Data operation in Excel
  • We can further add chart and pivot table to visualize project progress in excel itself.
  • Eliminate use for end user to add Authorization Code while configuration
  • Publish add-in on office add-in store

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