We wanted to build a way of distributing code efficiently and easily without messy downloads, dependencies, or cluttering up your code base.

What it does

It allows users to upload code snippets and use them as API calls in the cloud.

How we built it

We run a node server and a MongoDB instance which saves user posts. On the front-end we expose a unique API key we generate for the user that he can use to call the function using an HTTP GET request.

Challenges we ran into

We bounced from idea to idea; ultimately we lost six precious hours to brainstorming before we came up with this and more time with oversleeping.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the lack of time, we feel we really accomplished a lot both on the front and back-end; especially given we're only a team of two.

What we learned

How to effectively interpret and execute arbitrary code supplied by a user in an API call.

What's next for CodeFoundry

Ultimately we want to be able to do more intelligent code execution; we're limited with what we can do and return. We also want to expand to be able to support more than JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Finally we want to add security to the whole process so users can't write and execute malware on our servers.

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