WhatsappWithoutTheInternet | J.P. Morgan Code for Good 2014 | IMentor

Created by Rajat Bhageria (UPenn), Charly Cai (CMU), Bryan Cam (UPenn), Matthew MacLean (UPenn), Moses Soh (UPenn) in a 24 Hour Hackathon in Newark, DE

JP Morgan Code for Good 2014

The vast majority of minority students don’t receive a college education, and those who do often drop out. What if there was a way though that these minority students could be tutored one-on-one by successful professionals and have successful/fulfilling lives themselves? This is the purpose of the non-profit iMentor. Our app allows iMentor to further implement this ideal.

The mobile-friendly iMentor web app allows mentors and mentees to communicate though text-messages; it then stores and displays those messages on an online admin GUI panal; thus, mentors and case managers can moniter their mentee's words. Additionally, we developed separate user interfaces for mentors, mentees, and case managers.

Technologies used: JQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Django, MySQL, Sublime Text, Amazon Ec2, and Twilio.

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