Problem: Oceans are polluted with Plastics. Lack of awareness Lack of collaboration Lack of knowledge Lack of incentive

What it does

Solution: ReThink ReUse ReCycle ReWard

How I built it

Our app has a Front End which we have developed using Javascript React framework. We have used public APIs for storing, accessing data as well as Googlemaps for location services. We have also implemented Chatbot that uses AI, this has been achieved using the Cisco Chatbot.

Challenges I ran into

Integration of Cisco Chatbot React boiler plate not allowing node_modules to be installed Implementation of Ionic Weak internet connection Very cold working conditions

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The amount we have achieved as a team in a short period of time and under pressure Working demoable app Integration with third party (Cisco webchat) Learn new technologies Bonded with fellow awesome female engineers Worked successfully as a team while having lots of fun Lots of innovative ideas Out of the box thinking muscles exercised

What I learned

Teamwork, persistence to overcome a challenge, how awesome Women are under pressure to deliver results and multi tasking.

What's next for CodeForGood

Take part in more WomenInTech events Sell the idea for the CodeForGood app to Angel Investors

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