Codedoc: Practice coding interview with peers

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Getting jobs especially as a technical role is really difficult in today's world.

What's even harder is getting interviews and getting through them without any hassle. Both of us have conducted multiple mock interviews with our peers and we noticed one of the major problems out there is the lack of coordination between the interviewers and the interviewees. There is not much meaningful interaction between the parties and does not end up being a good experience. That is why we built the platform.


We wanted to achieve the Minimum Viable Product that will be expanded later. We carefully listed essential features that will best represent our application. Then we made a sketch of the application considering the essential features that would build in the hackathon.

  • See attached image named *


  • Live code sharing
  • Timer
  • Authentication
  • Interviewee / interviewer relationship
  • Feedback
  • Review
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