When we first started coding at this hackathon, we weren't planning on building this application. In fact, we were going to work in the IoT space. But we ran into issues from the very start and we're very grateful for the mentors who are constantly walking around, where we could wave them down in an instant. From this point, we shifted gears. We wanted something online that was as accessible as having mentors walking around and allowing users to wave them down in an instant. Thus, we created CodeConnect, which is an online gateway for coders to connect and mentor one another in exchange for bitcoin!

How it works

CodeConnect uses Twilio video as a webrtc client to connect client with mentor for one-on-one video conferencing, to give people that personal feel and better allow them to solve their bugs. It also uses Twilio's messaging service as a notification system. Additionally, CodeConnect makes use of a collaborative code editor so that both client and mentor can share and fix their code. The app itself is a standalone node.js app that uses mongodb as its database and uses the Blockchain API for its bitcoin payment system.

Challenges we ran into

Blockchain's API was difficult to implement but we were eventually able to authenticate our payment system. Additionally, because Twilio video is currently in a closed beta, the configuration for our peer-to-peer communication network was difficult to set up.

What's next for CodeConnect

We would like to implement more features to aid in collaboration, such as potentially a code collaboration client that can be immediately embedded into sublime text. We really would just love to see code mentors and code help to be more accessible, in the same way one can stack overflow their bugs.

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