We were inspired by the burden on teachers to grade the same projects over and over again, and we thought we could assist them in their profession.

What it does

    This program is an interface to test and grade java projects for academic purposes

How we built it

     We used a back end of mySQL, and Node.js, plus a little bit of Java. For the front end, we used Bootstrap HTML and Javascript to build our website

Challenges we ran into

    To start, we had trouble finding a good host for our server, and a good back end language to work with our front end ideas. We also had trouble getting all of our code to work together, once we had finished both sides.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

    We thought we did a good job making a neat, good-looking front end, and combining various parts of the code to work together in a fully-functioning app. 

What we learned

   We learned a lot about the hierarchy of a web app, and how it connects with the backend.

What's next for CodeClassroom

     We hope to expand our program to an online service, which would allow mass use of the code to check java projects.
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