As a student, it was a big life adjustment for me when I began my first technical internship. And to make things more difficult, the coding standard at my company was entirely different from any coding I've done at hackathons or for my school projects! There are many industry standards for code styling that students like me are not well-prepared for. For this reason, our project seeks to help others improve their code style with our simple to use and practical web application to be prepared for real on-the-job development.

What it does

GitCheck is a web service that can automatically grade your GitHub projects according to standard style guidelines and provide detailed feedback on the breakdown of your major styling mistakes. On top of that, our service gives an overall rating of your profile and each of your repositories. You can see where you specifically need to improve to bring your ratings up and become a better developer. Company recruiters can also easily discover top-tier talent and experience in candidates by searching their ratings with our service.

Future Work

We plan to add styling guidelines for all major coding languages, and accommodate specific style guidelines for different companies to prepare students on an even deeper level.


npm install
pip install -r requirements.txt

Add database password to environment variables On mac: Run this in terminal OR add this to ~/.bashrc

export PENNAPPS_MONGO_PASSWORD="password_here"

On windows:

setx PENNAPPS_MONGO_PASSWORD password_here


node app.js

Open browser to http://localhost:7000

Docker instructions (optional)


docker build -t codechecker . --build-arg mongo_password=<password_here>


docker run -t -p 7000:7000 codechecker


docker stop $(docker ps -a -q --filter ancestor=codechecker --format="{{.ID}}")
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