They say the last 10 percent of a software project takes 90 percent of the time. We wanted to explore some of those less glamorous parts of building software. Those range from writing more and more comprehensive tests to ensure correctness to adding features that smoothen the user experience. It is important to note that those features that slightly improve the user experience and ensure code correctness are usually forgotten and relegated to the less-priority issues.

What it does

One PR adds Go tests to the blockchain Fabric Network. The other add favorite icon functionality on the list of icons, making it easier for users to remember the icons they last used.

How we built it

We pulled from each one's experience.

Challenges we ran into

On one of the PRs, we used Golang, a programming language we are yet to be proficient in. That means that it took us longer to write each line of code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are super proud that we added a feature to the project that makes it more convenient for the users. And we are proud that our confidence in the correctness of our code is even higher, even just by a bit.
  • Getting persistent storage in a VSCode extension ## What we learned
  • Go programming language testing.
  • How to integrate HTML with JavaScript/CSS—I haven’t really touched raw HTML in 4 years
  • Using globalStore and ExtensionContext in the VSCode API
  • Gaining a better understanding of how to create VSCode Extensions

What's next for SmootherEdges

  • We will be adding more tests and building more UX features.
  • Filtering function to filter by favorites
  • Updating favorites checkbox UI
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