What it does

CodeBattle is an online platform to let your code do the work for you and go up against other players in a match of Battleship. We have extended the Battleship game to support huge battles which add another layer of complexity to the game. Will you let your creation be a wandering pirate attacking aimlessly on every front or a structured Navy commander focusing on one nemesis at a time? Challenge your friends or other competitors in multi-player games and tournaments.

How we built it

Using Javascript full stack allowed our whole team to work together on every component. The whole setup is hosted by Oracle using docker setups to run the AI bots securely and contained.

Challenges we ran into

  • Designing a system that is easily extendable in terms of games and programming languages.
  • Executing user-provided code securely but still allow it to interact with the system

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Writing our own cool bots for our own system
  • Build a Docker-ception system

What we learned

  • Sleep is overrated
  • Focus on the important things first
  • Improvements will always be possible (system and botwise)

What's next for CodeBattle

  • Implementing other cool bot ideas
  • Allowing different programming languages to control the bots
  • Having a general state for the bots allowing ML
  • Support for other games
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