I've always wondered how to make programming simpler without constantly programming the same things over and over again... this is where i got my inspiration from and came up with codeAlchemy

What it does

codeAlchemy simply has connected code segments from which programmers can easily program part of their applications and just simply concentrate on minor changes such as the GUI (graphical user interface). With other programmers developing and improving other segments (with segments playing the simple role of a library in a normal application), normal users (with no programming skills) can simply search for solutions in the web of segments.

How to search

Searching using is done as follows

To search for node

search node "node_name"
find node "node_name"
locate node "node_name"

To search for solution

solution to "node_name"
solution to "node_name" from "node_name"
solution from "node_name" to "node_name"

How I built it

codeAlchemy is a big project... though within a short time i used docker for running the code segments in an isolated environment and a simple python library (simpleai) to discover the network (in the background). I used and GraphQl to search through the network searching for a solution in such a network would require intelligent search mechanism

Challenges I ran into

One of the major challenges i ran into was implementing a deduction search using GraphQl for the normal user... Although i managed it to some extent, i still had some ideas to make it more simpler for the normal user... The deduction search simply takes the user to the specific task that they are looking for

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Interconnecting the code segments together to perform one goal -> a solution... from which any user can down vote or up vote to recommend it to the other users.

What I learned

Ive learnt to use graphql and and im looking forward to making the to search engines even simpler for the normal average person.

What's next for codeAlchemy

For now a solution's/prediction's configuration can be downloaded... this is only beneficial to the programmers. I'm planning to make a basic application for the normal/average user to simply download and install on any of their end devices

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