Our inspiration for codeAide was the numerous coders who have very specific coding problems that never get solved. codeAide offers programmers a way to get help with code, or to make money by helping other coders.

What it does

codeAide is an online marketplace that connects programmers and developers with potential clients. Anyone can submit a request or need for a certain snippet of code - or a whole program - that one does not want to or cannot program. In response, anyone can submit an answer to this request. In our two-tier compensation system, all submissions that fulfill the test cases set up by the requester will receive a portion of the participation award (the first tier), and one submission will be declared the winner and receive extra credits (the second tier). This ensures participation and treats the submitters and the requesters equitably. All the code not chosen as the winner by the requester, remains the intellectual property of the submitter.

How we built it

We built codeAide using Laravel and PHP while creating the database with SQLite.

Challenges we ran into

Given that PHP, Laravel, and SQLite are new for us, we've had a good amount of difficulty with each, running into many PHP and Laravel errors that are specific and make us wish that codeAide was already a thing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a new language - PHP - and framework - Laravel - for this project, and we are proud of what we made here with what we've learned.

What we learned

We learned how to use Laravel, and create and implement databases. Our knowledge of PHP has increased greatly, as we used it extensively to build this website.

What's next for codeAide

codeAide will exchange credits for real currency. We will also strive to create a much more secure website, both technically and legally. Sleep is next for the creators of codeAide, but improving codeAide to be more robust and usable by improving on the previously mentioned topics is what is next for codeAide itself.

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