Code One Hackathon 2016 - Team: Drakon

Getting Started

With our tech stack, no setup is needed simply visit website link here

Project Description

The challenge:

Our challenge for you is to invent an experience that would make you want to be a First National Bank customer.

Judging Criteria:

  • Customer Benefit – How does your idea make the customers experience awesome?
  • Brand Alignment – Does your new experience align to the values of the bank?
  • Omni Channel Experience - Can your experience be leveraged in multiple ways )digital and physical)?
  • Innovative (new or uniquely better) - Are you doing something that differentiates us from the rest of the Financial Industry?


We first looked at the financial companys we deal with from credit cards to our own banking. And looked at their websites and apps for context and gathering what works well, and what doesn't. From there we discussed digital experiences we enjoy. One we all agreed on was setting up our Iphones, a question at a time. And other tools that ndecide information the same way.


After looking at several other banks sites and discussing our own pleasant digital expereinces we found that a walk through solution would be best for new customers, and a configurable dashboard for existing.

How it's built

Tech Stack and Libraries

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Pure CSS [normalization, grid]
  • Fontawesome [icon font]
  • [] ### Challenges

Accomplishments that We're Proud of







What we Learned


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