We write some code or we copy the code from some resources but we are unable to interpret the logic/working behind the code. While writing the code, when we get stuck into the problem, we directly redirect to Internet but sometimes we are unable to get in-depth knowledge about the working of code.


  1. We built a website that can decode any complex code easily.
  2. We are targeting to deliver a comprehensive analysis of the code with the help of machine learning.
  3. Using machine learning, we are planning to add automatic generation of pseudocode based on the user's input.

Tech Stack

Python, ReactJS, TailwindCSS, Pylint, FastAPI, FlowChartJS, Sqlite3.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Able to Integrate Flow charts for any code.
  2. Able to Generate PseudoCode.
  3. Able to Provide Code Suggesstions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to completely Integrate all the Idea's, we thought to integrate in our Web Application.

What's next for Code_Decoder

We will be adding more functionalities to it.

Github Repo

Video Presentation

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