Code4EDU is creating a webapp named 'Learnmatch'. Designed to have a smooth user interface while also allowing students to be matched with the educational content that's right for them, Learnmatch hopes to be able to assist students positively during the Coronavirus and beyond.


While constrained by the 24-hour limit, the team, consisting of Jack, Ruien, Anas, and Tafadzwa, were able to make a very successful project with the assistance of Google Firebase and Firestore, as well as the help of the mentors. We did have some initial problems with figuring out how to retrieve data from the Firestore, with react not waiting for javascript promises, but we got that fixed after about 4 hours. After another 12 hours, the initial development sprint was finished and we began working on visual tweaks. We were _ pretty _ tired after that but we pulled through and started working on our Devpost.


This whole hackathon has been a learning experience for all of us. We learned to work with our teams in a very efficient manner to crank out a finished product within a day and also to find solutions to problems with ways that aren't in the docs for libraries.

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