The game is a unique multiplayer experience where two players either in the same room or online are able to join forces. The uniqueness of this game not only stems from its rare multiplayer experience but the innovative way in which both players must collaborate to ensure their survival. The game tests their ability to follow tasks, find clues (in true Sherlock style) and cooperate together in a whole new level to achieve the final goal. There are twists and turns within the storyline in an attempt to take the players off course and loose hope. Both will require their mental agility whilst able to fight off what’s around the corner. Failure for both players to survive will result in the termination of the game. All in all designed to make this game more of a thrilling and unique experience.

Epic Corp, the worlds largest bioengineering pharmaceutical company responsible for the eventual catastrophe of global zombie apocalypse. Epic Corp specialise in high-tech computer systems, genetic engineering and medical defence. The public facade is generally directed towards consumer healthcare products.

The company’s largest underground facility ‘H-Complex’ is located 1km beneath the salt pans of Death Valley. H-Complex is controlled by a highly sophisticated computer AI system ‘Eris’ named after the daughter of the CEO Hitch Highmore. Following decades of medical research Dr. Maggard Lovelace created a deadly virus codenamed Trident, highly contagious and capable of mass destruction. In a freak accident the virus was leaked which prompted Eris to trigger a total lockdown of the H-Complex. Eris kills all living organism within the facility to prevent the spread of Trident, but the combination of poisonous gas and Trident revives them into zombies.

The game begins by both players woken with amnesia to find themselves in a bright room where Eris breaks the silence. She explains the players have broken in to her complex and are now locked within (reason unknown to player). The motivation is to find Eris and escape.

There are four main stages to this game. (Refer to ‘Layout’ image for the overall game design) Stage one allows the players to question their existence with little information provided on how and why they are here. They enter the H-Complex in total darkness. The first task is to find the main power switch through simple exploration, with the intent for players to familiarise themselves of the environment at bay. (Refer to ‘Zombie Room’ image)

Stage two both players find themselves within a corridor of office rooms on either side. Behind the clear single pane of glass rests dozens of zombies. The players however are shielded and in no immediate threat. Player1 press door release button for the door ahead, only to realise it only opens for several seconds, insufficient for them both to reach. Player2 is prompted to proceed to the next room to find a resolution whilst Player1 remains behind at the door release. Player2 find a cabinet containing a gun and another door release button. To their surprise this switch release all doors on this floor including the doors containing zombies. At this point zombies flow out separating two players. Player two must shoot down all zombies to save player1. Concurrently player1 can defend itself by using a fallen pipe ground on the floor. Both players must kill all active zombies to proceed onto the next stage. (Refer to ‘Zombie Room’ image)

Stage three, the players find themselves in an empty, zombie-less section of the building. They must collaborate in another series of sliding doors that will open individual exits designed for each player. The complexion is the requirement of two key entry cards. One to be found on the ‘already killed’ security personnel in stage two and the other in the office room. To obtain the second key, both players must work together to open a series of doors that allow only player1 to exit through exit 1 whilst player2 can exit through exit 2. (Refer to ‘Puzzle Room’ image)

Stage four, both players reach the Central Command Unit in differing sections, separated by a pane of glass. Eris congratulates the players for reaching her residence. Eris later explains the players are a government authorised sub team under the operation named Code-X with their original intention revealed. Eris reveals her intentions to trap the players inside after they found too much evidence of the incident. Both players were granted entrance to the complex and gas was used to wipe their memories. Eris explains her motive of the total lockdown and nobody can escape, not even them. The players realise they must disable her defence system in order to escape the complex.

Eris suddenly turns mad, realising her mistake to leak further information and decide to eradicate both players. She switches on the Trident gas which moves slowly towards player1. Player2 is trapped on the opposite end and must negotiate the laser room to turn off the gas tap on the other side. After entering, the laser room seals shut and player1 must solve a series of puzzles on the computer to disable Eris’ defence system. Only upon the completion of both tasks may both players be permitted to escape the H-Complex. (Refer to ‘Central Command Unit Room’ image)

One week later both players wake up and realise they are indefinitely locked up having caused the outbreak of Trident leading to zombie apocalypse on a global scale.

There are two difficulties we are currently facing:

  1. Multiplayer synchronisation: Both players must be able to see the same scene whilst in the same environment.

  2. Online communication: If both players are not in the same room we are currently working on an effective method for communication through the game.

A brief update on our progress thus far for Milestone 2:

  1. The multiplayer functionality have been resolved.

  2. Included specific models designed for the environments.

  3. Main special effects designed for certain environments are also completed.

Please refer to some of our updated screenshots.

Credit for Music:

  1. "Volatile Reaction" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  2. "Hitman" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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