This represents the collective experience of Tan Kang Liang, Jay Chua, Max Ng, Ritesh Kumar


As budding computer science students, we strive to increase our coding efficiency and that comes with typing practice that is catered for coders. There isn't a free solution online catered for code typing. Also we feel that having game rooms and interacting with people, especially during these tough times, is chicken soup for the soul.

What it does

It's a better Typeracer. You can play at it solo, or with friends. You can create and share GameRooms to anyone around the world.

How We built it

Using mongodb as the database, express as back-end, react all written in everybody's favorite: typescript, docker - ized for ease of development and lots of blood and tears and lost youth, bandaged together with

Challenges We ran into

It was difficult to integrate the into our project, and we faced a lot of difficulty using docker especially during the deployment

Accomplishments that We Are proud of

I learnt how to utilize docker to set up the project and to integrate the front-end with the back-end

What We learned

Uploading features for each user. Real Time communication. We managed to make a working product remotely. Ready for the next covid-patch ( VUI - 202012/01 wasn't quick enough) /s

What's next for Code WPM

World domination.

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