Many people come from a non-traditional background have a hard time grasping programming concepts. Most find it easier to understand it through analogies or with a visual aid.

What it does

Preview snippet code of core programming teachings such as if/else statements, while and for loops as well as the design properties of JSON objects from API calls

How we built it

We built the web app functionally first with the main focus on visual aid. After completing our base ask for the project we added customizability then stylized with a minimalistic design.

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to utilize SVG files as visual representation was a challenge. Never having worked on SVG files before and creating smooth animation/transitions with SVG.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of completing our base goals and fully deploying our website online through our own domain. Fully Staying awake and competing through my first Hackathon! Making the App (almost) completely responsive and mobile friendly! Using local storage to store different API results to minimize API call and costs.

What we learned

We learned the key importance of SVG data files. Not overloading on the API Key and grabbing as much information as possible first and distributing the information respectively. Collaboration through GitHub with proper PR requests and constant pushes. Learning how to use TripAdvisor's API and manipulating information needed to help represent code cleanly. Using local storage we cache data so we're not pulling from the API too often.

What's next for Code View

Branching out more coding topics and allowing more sandbox opportunities to help represent code, not just one but multiple ways. Sometimes one analogy isn't enough and sometimes it doesn't click just right. Clean up code and replace areas that can be components instead of duplicate code.

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