We are very passionate about React and React Native. Our inspiration is the code sharing between the web and mobile, by using the front end technologies that are both developed by Facebook: React and React Native.

What we have learned

Throughout this project, we have learned because of the code share-ability between these two, it will be very cool to see that when we finish a project's web front end with ReactJS, we are already half way done for our mobile front end with React Native.

How we built it

We started implementing my ideas by starting with a simple project, a message board app for both a web page and a mobile app, using ReactJS, React Native and Redux. You can try it here - You can view its demo here - 1.1 React UI - 2.1 React Native UI - 1.2 React read data - 2.2 React Native read data - 1.3 React write data - 2.3 React Native write data - 1.4 React read data by Redux - 2.4 React Native read data by Redux - 1.5 React write data by Redux - 2.5 React Native write data by Redux -

Challenges we ran into

Some aspects are more shareable, like state, and business logic; some aspects are harder to share, like UI

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works and it works well

What's next for CodeShare Hooks across React & React Native

We plan to continue our adventure in this under explored area, by building more projects like this to share our experience of code sharing between React and React Native

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