The ideea came from Diner, who worked with learnig materials platforms before.

What it does

The webapp will have a short discussion with the user, who can state if he wants to learn about a certain programming language, or if he wans examples, or it can ask for a coding challange.

How we built it

The JavaScript front-end calls the LUIS API in order to process the natural language. After that it intercepts the resulted JSON file and it parses it and makes the relevant calls to the C# controller.

Challenges we ran into

The novelty of the API made it quite a challange to harness all it's power. The server handles often resulted in bad gateways. Recognising short answers out of context (i.e. ~What difficulty level would you be interested in? ~Intermediate.) And many many more.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The robust controller and database model. User Interface. High LUIS comprehension.

What we learned

How to use bots. How to integrate multiple APIs. How to solve unsolvable issues. How to tackle challanges as a team.

What's next for Code Sensei

Sensei is shooting for the stars. It will become even more wise, once he learns about the infinite power of the internet.

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