Code Rockers team derives inspiration thinking about safety of woman in India. This is specially dedicated to Nirbhaya & other woman citizens of our country who lost their lives after being brutally man handled.

How it works

Code Rockers team has developed a Smartwatch App in combination with a Mobile app, which can be used for safety of woman/any individual. The App is named as "HelpMe"

HelpMe Smartwatch App uses the following sensors.

  1. Accelerometer: For Gesture Detection
  2. Heart Rate Monitor: For getting heart rate of the user

HelpMe Mobile App uses the following sensors:

  1. GPS : For Location information

Usually a man carries his mobile in his pocket, and for the ladies they carry it in their hand bags/purses. When there is a attacker, who attacks , it becomes very difficult for the man/woman to operate their mobiles and send out a SOS for help. Moreover the attacker would always try to snatch away the communication device.

In order to counter this, we would like to bring in a Wearable device in terms of a Smartwatch. Smartwatch is usually worn by the individual and it becomes very difficult to snatch away. Taking this into consideration, the safety use case has been build upon.

The smartwatch and the Mobile device are paired using bluetooth. Smartwatch is worn on the wrist and mobile can be anywhere within the bluetooth range.

The Mobile app is used for configuring the numbers for SOS. The user of the HelpMe Mobile App can add max of 3 people for SMS alerts with location details and 1 person for calling.

The Wearable app tracks the accelerometer for various gestures and uses the heart rate of the user to trigger a SOS from the Smartwatch whenever there is a attack. The smartwatch sends over the SOS message to the mobile app which uses the configured information from the HelpMe Mobile App to send out SMS with location and Map information and places a mobile call to the preconfigured number. The location information going out the Mobile device will also be synced into a Server for 3rd party assistance. Once the SOS service is triggered from the Smartwatch, the HelpMe mobile app will continuously send the location information of the user every 3 mins. This can be cancelled by the user securely.

This location information can be used to track the user and provide assistance.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Converting GPS co ordinates to a MAPS URL.
  2. Gesture Detection of Smartwatch.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. This use case can be used of woman safety in India.
  2. Woman/Individual in trouble can be tracked and help can be extended to them.
  3. This can reach the masses easily as this has been built on Android and sooner than later affordable smartwatches would be available.
  4. 3rd Party can monitor in case the user has agreed to be tracked.

What I learned

We as a team, learnt how important sensors are and how they can be put to use in real life scenerios.

What's next for Code Rockers

We would like to put this use case into practical use and check for any field issues and improve upon the app and make it a ultimate app for woman safety.

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