Wanted a web-based tool to allow developers to get their code reviewed by real people in their community. I also wanted it to link with StackOverFlow to get verified users, using their basic info to validate the reviews.

What it does

A user needs to sign into the portal using their mobile numbers OR their email address. Next they can see a list of questions people have asked. They can view the code and the reviews it got. However, to post a new question or post a review to an existing question, the user need to link their Stack OverFlow account to us to verify them.

How I built it

I used Flask, a python based web server to develop the backend and used bootstrap framework to develop the UI. The server is deployed at Heroku right now.

Challenges I ran into

I have used Flask a little, however getting a full web app takes time. Had a lot of errors and issues to worry about. Also looking for a job at the same time, doesn't help either :) But got through it

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Right now, the app is fully functional, I am happy about it. :)

What I learned

I got to learn about AccountKit.

What's next for Code Review

I want to add a better UI, ability to post private questions, ability to choose how much reputation a user needs to have to review the code, and many more things.

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