Since we're beginners, we mostly focused on following the slides we were provided with during the beginner's workshop in order to build a functioning robot.

What it does

She mostly does pirouettes, bumps into obstacles, and goes off track, but at least she moves!

How we built it

We started off by assembling the robot parts, such as the wheels and motors. Then, we figured out the electric circuit to connect the sensors, the Arduino board, the motors, the motor driver, and the batteries. We then attached the breadboard, the batteries, and the sensors to our initial robot. Finally, after connecting all the wires, we came up with the necessary code using the Arduino IDE.

Challenges we ran into

The wires of our motors weren't soldered on well, so they kept coming off, there was a lot of friction when dealing with our wheels so at times they just didn't move. Finally, we did have a bit of difficulty when it came to fixing the code—it was our first time using Arduino, and we could say that we learned a lot!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since all of this is very new to us, we are proud of being a part of this challenge, completing it, and building a robot that would definitely move, and almost following the line. It is our first time doing everything, so we learned a lot.

Other than her being able to move, she's really pretty! -- we even won the flair prize! :)

What we learned

We learned how to use an Arduino board and how to code using the Arduino IDE with the Arduino language (simplified C++), how to build a robot. We also consolidated our understanding of electric circuits and breadboard, and saw a real world application of what we saw during class.

What's next for code queens


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