the idea of cracking the hackathon challenge to be ready for what creating actual websites with real problem statements

What it does

it enables an administrator to create create user accounts who in turn register drivers. and it also enables one to update a driver detail's and status as well as driver's list at the different stages of onboarding

How we built it

we created a back-end and front-end where we split the roles of each person we used languages like html5, css, javascript, nodejs, mongodb. we collaborated on github and each team member had improvements to make on the code

Challenges we ran into

figuring out how to debug errors while connecting the back-end to the front-end, poor internet connections and shortage of power

Accomplishments that we're proud of

being able to create a system that corresponds with what the hackathon required

What we learned

team work is key in-order to accomplish something Research is crucial

What's next for code Queen-Safeboda Hackathon

Creating a provision where the drivers can do self registration

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