CODE PREVENT is a platform about preventing inequality and avoiding its symptoms in the form of serious relational, family or social conflicts, with a toxic effect on the self-protection system in human communities. It is a way of building resilience to resist the impact of global risks and contribute to social sustainability. The interventions or actions for change that arise from this methodology can be implemented by the neighbors themselves, social, educational, therapeutic, public health agents, NGOs, governments and also with the project's own resources. The idea is to design a platform for universal access to families who, in situations of global crisis or not, can make early consultations, be helped in real time and can take advantage of online solutions or those available in their nearby territory, in person. In this way, neighborhoods, communities, cities or nations could establish universal access social / family and relational health services with a preventive vocation and social transformation to a SMART SOCIETY model.

What it does

How do we do it? with tools capable of detecting conflicts at an early stage, anticipating their evolution to pathological states and investigating stable and safe patterns of change, since they are previously tested in the virtual conflict generated in the simulation.

How I built it

The social simulators are built with "Vensim" system modeling software and hosted on the "forio-epicenter" user interface platform. All this in a platform with simulación apps. With IBM we have a development plan that includes resources in the Cloud, Watson apps. and also A.I. for project escalation.

Challenges I ran into

Under the heading for protection of isolated and risk groups, there is a section on support regarding social issues, for example quick accommodation solutions for people in domestic conflicts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

European Commission Award "Startup Europe Awards 2018" Social category-Madrid. IBM is our partner in social projects and supports us with its startup program, offering its resources in Cloud, A.I., Watson apps. and many other world-class ones. The IE Public Tech Lab has included us in the list of the TOP 100 Startups that face government challenges in an innovative way. With Universities and Knowledge Management Centers such as ICA2 (UAM and Polytechnic University of Valencia) we have designed a Technological Institute "SMART SOCIETY" for Social Prevention.

What I learned

The COVID 19 pandemic has tested the human ecosystem on Earth.

The simulation models of complex systems have been validated internationally thanks to their use by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and known to all, during the COVID 19 Pandemic, by forecasting the rates of contagion, the risks of collapse in the health services and propose solutions of social distancing to flatten the famous infection curve. Our project applies them to the sphere of Social Care.

Social protection systems retain a structure designed for past industrial societies and must adapt to a new scenario.

Sustainability is weakened by lack of efficiency in detecting threats, initial states of conflict or discomfort, so the system cannot prevent or protect itself and a Social Consciousness Induced by stories created for public consumption prevails, with a high presence of noise emotional and informative toxicity in the absence of scientific contrast: we obtain a society that before the arrival of the virus already harbored within it an Internal Pandemic, a pathological deficit of systemic empathy, an desensitization to the drama of child poverty, the homeless, gender violence, abandonment, unwanted loneliness, addictions and other symptoms of social deterioration, produced by inequality, violence and exclusion.

This internal trauma is exacerbated by the impact of each threat, fragments the system of social interaction, and interferes with cooperation, care, and the ability to function as productive members of the clan. Inequality is to the social emergency, what pollution is to the climate emergency, or a new virus to the health emergency.

Once the virus reached each country, science and technology made its way (depending on the openness of its rulers) and offered rational, clear and objective messages. This helpful information enhanced our internal compass and we were able to set common goals that raised our empathy and community resilience:

CODE PREVENT is a SMART SOCIETY platform that aims to apply this lesson now and forever. It places the center of interest on people and their relationships, makes visible the hidden aspects of social dramas, transforms their complexity into useful information with the certainty of science and the progress of self-knowledge.

There are social care technology initiatives focused on some specific use cases, such as bullying, but they do not make risk forecasts or have a transformative scope for society as a whole.

Our mission is the creation of inclusive human communities, with qualities that are resilient to global risks and transformative in the face of the internal pandemic that produces social inequality.

Our Social Simulators together with the Watson apps. and the I.A. from IBM provide:

Early detection: It favors the early demand for help and the remote perception of risk situations in early stages. Social anticipation. Scientifically predicts risk and predicts the evolution of conflicts. Virtual Social Health Laboratory: Connects each social conflict with stable, safe and efficient patterns of change in real time. Context. Customize prevention projects according to the specific characteristics of the neighborhoods, districts, families and the target citizens.

What's next for CODE PREVENT - Social Care Simulator

We are developing prevention and care projects for vulnerable groups in Chile and Colombia. We conducted a pilot in Bullying prevention with Institutes in Madrid and we have presented a collaboration project with various European countries, in ERASMUS + We hope to have the opportunity to carry out projects in Europe and especially to be able to develop the Technological Institute of Social Prevention with the partnership of IBM and ICA2 in addition to other institutions. With this perspective, we consider that conducting pilots in different social areas are important to help an estimated minimum number of 3,000 families or individual users to face and prevent the social consequences of the pandemic. This target would allow us to face the escalation of the project with A.I. and other technologies. We need 300,000 to 1 million. € to start this phase and start offering universal social prevention to urban centers with population of more than 1 million persons.

Built With

  • epicenter
  • forio
  • vensim
  • watsonapps
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CODE PREVENT is a technological platform to prevent social conflict. During the pandemic the inequality and suffering of the most vulnerable is exacerbated and online attention to these difficulties or conflicts with predictive tools is intended to prevent the social emergency. In the future, society must transform to have resilience capacities to the impact of global risks and Code Prevent can monitor this transformation. There are 5 fundamental areas: Violence, Bullying, family, Loneliness and Addictions. It is also a platform for the Public Sector and Third Sector Entities, which can, through their use, personalize their own social prevention plans.

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