Our team has spent a cumulative total of 11 hours working on this project. Unfortunately, we all work 9-5, effectively cutting our working time in half.


When it comes to grading coding assignments, professors across CUNY are very scrambled and have various methods of submissions. For example, professors ask to copy and paste code to word docs, zip files, or require Visual Studio which is not available on macOS or Linux. Our extension allows students to submit assignments through VS Code extensions. Using VS Code extensions, we streamline the assignment submission process. Users from all different operating systems can submit in a single, straightforward method. Therefore, students aren't disorganized in the way they submit assignments, and professors across CUNY receive them in a uniform format.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of being able to fabricate this software in the limited time that our team members had. It took a lot of dedication to pursue this hackathon despite knowing we had around half the amount of time allotted.

Challenges we ran into

The ultimate challenge we faced was reduced time. Additionally, communicating multiple applications to the same endpoints (Teacher Portal, Code Portal extension in VS Code) was a challenge we faced. Another obstacle we faced was working with a file system, specifically making zip files from the Code Portal extension.

What's next for code portal

In the future, we look to create the endpoint in the API that receives the zip files (student submissions). After the API compiles student submissions, our software would be able to look for errors and compile the given code. Once compiled, a professor would be able to review the submission.

How we built it

Our software is built using react and typescript for the frontend web portal and firebase and node for the backend of the web portal. For VS Code our frontend is the VS Code Extension API, and it utilizes the same backend for the web portal.

Which prize category does your project best fit into

We believe our project best fits into google cloud!

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