Globally, breast cancer now represents one in four of all cancers in women. Since 2008, worldwide breast cancer incidence has increased by more than 20 percent. Mortality has increased by 14 percent.

What it does

Our proposed solution is focused to address this issue creating a platform that can enable citizens to access information pertaining to breast cancer irrespective of the Digital Divide. We consider any technology based solution should drive the underpinning cause of creating awareness, access to reliable information & communities followed by a preliminary & detailed medical investigation & access to proper & affordable treatment.

The platform comprises of 3 major components:

1.Intelligent Communication Channels – Bridging the digital divide is key & it assumes that citizens need not be tech savvy to register & access information. Digital channels include Mobile apps, ChatBots, Web app. Non-Digital channels include Cell Broadcast, Push SMS.

2.Communities Application – An aggregator app where citizens can register for preliminary & next level screening. The app also has registered doctors/cancer specialists, insurance companies & citizen driven “caring communities”

3.AI /Machine learning Assistants

*Knowledge assistant *– Built using varied data sources both on breast cancer related FAQs, literature as well as on specialized medical data like Mammograms. This assistant will be accessed by both doctors/specialists to have access to use AI tools for screening patient data & access to the latest research as well as used by ordinary citizens to fetch relevant information on breast cancer

Sentiment Analysis Assistant – Helps in transcribing medical prognosis & diagnosis in simplified natural language to the citizen for his/her consumption & actionable

We feel that a platform combining such capabilities will not only enable awareness & early detection but also help in automating the entire process lifecycle of registration, diagnosis & treatment of citizens, thus helping us to put our best fight against the Breast cancer.

How I built it

It was important for us to understand what challenges the world has today despite multitude of efforts being spent on awareness campaigns, technological advancements being applied for diagnosis and treatment and various other other efforts from different governmental/non governmental organisations including world bodies like WHO. Our efforts to build was to consider a subset of these challenges which we felt can be addressed as low hanging fruits for enhancing the fight against this disease

Challenges I ran into

Huge amount of literature in this area including application of technological and social impact to address this issue. Narrowing down to few areas that we felt were immediate challenges was key. We finally prioritised our focus on awareness creation, bridging the digital divide, using Artificial Intelligence to harvest and harness knowledge towards bridging the Doctor-patient knowledge gap on prognosis/diagnosis/treatment and ability to aggregate literature and research across the world.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to provide an innovative solution on target focus areas in the fight against breast cancer

What I learned

Amazing experience of team coming together to crystallise our thoughts into ideation. Understanding on challenges on fight against Breast Cancer and related medical technology advancements and how we can use the knowledge to help the fight

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