Inspired by surefire alarm, we would like to build a mobile app that plays creepy music at random times and users will need to code to stop the music.

What it does

The app will play creepy music at random times, and users will need to write codes to stop the music.


  • Users can log in/ sign up

  • Users can choose the programming languages they knew and difficulty level

  • Users can set a do not disturb period

  • The app plays creepy music and lock the screen at random times

  • Users can take up the challenge and write codes to tackle a challenge

  • Music will not stop unless a correct answer is given

  • Points will be awarded points for a correct answer

How we built it

  • UI design using Figma

  • Front-end development using react native

  • Back-end development using firebase

Challenges we ran into

We are an international team, and time zone was a challenge. As we have 3 different time zones and not all developers are awake at the same time. However, we are able to overcome this through effective communication and planning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have completed the UI design including stretch goals and app development.

What we learned

It is the first time for some of our members to develop a mobile app, we learnt a lot about react native.

What's next for Code or Creep

New Features

  • Creepy music can be play using Amazon Echo Dot/ Google nest mini

  • An option to replace creepy music with creepy images

  • Offer more programming languages

  • Extension for visual studio code

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