Blockchain app developers are panning for gold, each hoping to be the next big thing.

Code of the West is selling the gold pans, in our case services that help any blockchain app.

In WyoHackathon we developed review services for smart contracts on the blockchain and for distributed apps.

Our most important service and our biggest success is reviewing the intricate programming code for smart contracts.

In one day of review, combining manual and automated methods, we found about 100 issues across four smart contracts. One of those contracts is for an existing top-20 Ethereum distributed application.

We also did some web testing, an area that produced few results, and compliance review, which had significant results. An executive summary and the full results of our work are in the submitted 22-page CodeOfTheWest.pdf file. We have printed copies available for the judges.

Our goal is a sustainable, growing, and profitable business based in Laramie, Wyoming, providing review services for blockchain applications. This business will grow to employ University of Wyoming students and others in Wyoming, creating Wyoming jobs and Wyoming profits.

Notes: We are presenting without a slide deck. We did not need or use a github repository for this project.

Built With

  • code-review
  • english-(natural-language)
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