We're both software engineers, and we love to code! We wanted to inspire the future generation of coders using a fun and accessible game.

What it does

It's a video game, but the only way to move your character is by entering functions into a separate text file. The game reads the data from the file and compiles it as a program, then executes it. By using simple functions such as MoveRight(3) and Jump(2), kids can learn how to string multiple functions together to accomplish a task. And if kids are stuck, they can read the simple english documentation on our beautifull website.

Furthermore, the game will provide feedback in real time. If you make a mistake in the program, it tells you exactly where the problem is. If you hit a wall or spike while the program is running, that's called a "runtime error." By introducing concepts in a simple but iterative manner, we are able to engage kids and adults alike in order to create the next generation of coders.

How we built it

We built the game using Unity and the website was built with Material Design Bootstrap

Challenges we ran into

With our original compiler implementation, it was a challenge to implement flow control and branching statements. Instead of entering in conditions to an if statement, you can only choose from a predetermined set of conditions. .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The game is fun to play and easy to learn!

What we learned

Good level design can go a long way to teach concepts. Building from prior levels can build upon knowledge.

What's next for Code Hero

The next steps would be to add more commands that and more intricate levels. We would want it to be a Turing complete language

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