There are so many social media platforms, so why not a good one for developers and coders, so that they can get good advice , experienced ones can share their experience and can boost coding community.

What it does

It is a coding community platform , which let people ask their issues and get answers by fellow community members.

How I built it

We had this idea so we started designing the UI/UX part, then we started working on its android application and web application simultaneously. We developed its android application using java and for web we used html, css, node.js and ejs engine. We used google Firebase for database and authentication.

Challenges I ran into

Developing an application which uses authentication has so many things to do. Making an editor for the question answer thing was so tricky, had so many edge cases and use of data structures.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created the authentication part of app successfully. We created the question/answer editor that was too tricky.

What I learned

Managing an android application that has so many activities and edge cases. Benefits of making modules of codes. Firebase Authentication. Firebase Firestore. Web Development.

What's next for Code Heist

We are looking forward to create its fully functional web platform and complete the functionalities that are left.

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