One of our members got bored of the same few choices on food delivery apps and she heard of the Hawkers United Facebook page, so she used it a few times for food delivery, but realised having a system like that has some major flaws for both hawkers and consumers.

What it does

It lets hawkers promote their stalls for free and allow consumers to order directly from the store instead of through a middleman. Consumers can also search for any food they want and sort and filter the listings by cuisine or location, ensuring all listings get exposure.

How I built it

We used Python Flask to build the backend of the app, forming the base web app. Jinja was used to add in dynamic functions and an SQLite database was used to store data on hawkers and their stall information. The frontend was built using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

Challenges I ran into

Limited knowledge on what was possible and what was not as well as problems with certain api and time constraints. There were also some problems with communications among the teammates but we resolved that quickly and remained focused on the task at hand. We also attempted to learn React but given our limited knowledge of Javascript, it took too long and we decided to use what we already knew entirely, which meant we lost a few hours that could’ve been spent on coding. However, we worked twice as hard in the remaining time and managed to have a functioning web app. We were also only able to get the app running on a localhost and didn't manage to get it to run online in time, so that was disappointing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to quickly solve our difference in opinions and this allowed us to complete the task on time. We also managed to complete what we set out to achieve and more during this hackathon. The team really came together and got the job done. We managed to get external features like Google Maps to work on our web app, which we have never tried before.

What I learned

We learned how to use new APIs to help us improve on the functions of our app and we also learned how to use existing knowledge and apply them in a way that will benefit others. We also learnt new web development features like bootstrap’s functions, and some members also learnt the basics of a new language (Javascript). We learnt how to function as a group even though we are not able to meet up in real life, and go through a hackathon together through resolving problems together and communicating our opinions to ensure everyone is on the same page.

What's next for HawkerHelp

We will continue to work on the web app if possible and get an organisation to adopt it. HawkerHelp can easily be expanded after the pandemic is over and allow the users to get more out of the app. Lesser-known hawkers can also be promoted to help their stalls get recognition to gain more customers and help them expand their business.

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