I love making games and forcing my friends to make games with me, plus I enjoy the idea of learning as I go along and the idea of sharing that experience with other people -Tony

What it does

It's a 2D pixel platformer that has certain interactable objects (locked doors, chests) that players can interact with and attempt to solve a coding problem with to progress through the level

How we built it

We used Unity as the game engine, and various other editors for the assets (Aseprite, FL Studio)

Challenges we ran into

None of us were familiar with Unity, so we had to basically learn it on the spot. Technical challenges did arise and we had to cut a lot of planned features for the game to get a minimal viable product in time for the event.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning a boat load of Unity with the team, completing the minimum goal

What we learned

Unity workflows for sprites, animations, UI, C# scripts and game logic

What's next for Code-Dude

Maybe teach some kids some code with it

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