It was Mani's love for Java and also how useful it is to create an assistant or bot to make learning programming easier.

What it does

Help to answer questions about coding and programming languages to every from beginners to advanced developers.

How we built it

We piggy backed on the OC Clothing nodejs app and modified it and then built on top of it.

Challenges we ran into

  • Network issues
  • i18n issues with Javascript/Nodejs (workaround available)
  • JavaScript callbacks
  • loading and using trained models

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Fixed answers
  • AI model generated answers
  • Focussed on the core idea and goals and didn't dig into the technical details only when it was necessary towards end
  • Outside in approach, building presentation in parallel with coding and testing
  • Sharing our solutions with others
  • Collaboration and communicating with volunteers and judges and organisers

What we learned

  • How to use Pytorch and lots more bells and whistles about it
  • Lots more NodeJS/JavaScript skills
  • More Python skills
  • More pragmatism
  • How Messenger API works and also use it using the example app

What's next for Code Butler

  • Link it up with GitHub's research - model to predict and server code snippets based on tokens (sentences that refer to what kind of code and which language you are looking for)
  • Try to bring in more PyTorch goodness into it
  • Move out all the hard-coding and try to automatically serve them via ready to use or pre-trained models
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