Covid Crisis has made it difficult to code as a team as it is always fun to code along with peers. Every prevailing service that aims in enhancing communication between the developers aren't a standalone platform which satisfies the indispensables of the developer community. Hence we made a web app which not just lets you write code, but also assists you in debugging your errors without having to reach out to either Google or Stackoverflow and can host a music party right under the same hood.

What it does

  1. Code Amigo is a web app which lets you collaborate and learn to code along with your peers and pals with a bundle of exciting features. One of your friends can create a room and invite others over with their user ids. 2.We have also embedded webRTC so that you can have some great chat and code at the same time.
  2. Realtime code editors and compilers for Web Development (HTML/CSS/JS) and Competitive Programming Languages (Java,Python,C++).
  3. Get your programming errors resolved with the Code Amigo Chat bot without switching tabs to Google or Stackoverflow.
  4. Set your rooms on fire by making the bot play favorite track of your coding clan.

How we built it

  1. We built the Front-end with React.
  2. The backend runs on Node.js and API on Express.
  3. Firebase for the Database and Authentication.
  4. Stack Exchange API to fetch real time results.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Familiarizing with sockets in Node.js consumed a considerable amount of time.
  2. Making the application real time was not done with ease.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a fully functional webRTC application keeping all the other features intact. We feel gratified to have done something that really concerns to the developer community by including the real features.

What's next for Code Amigo - Evolution of Collaborative Programming

  1. Dockerize the application into containers.
  2. Migrate to a Graph based database.
  3. Deployment.
  4. Scaling to Production.
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