We wanted to make a game that can encourage everyone to learn code. Based on our childhood memories with tamagotchi, we were inspired to make a game where you can raise your own language blob through coding. That's why we have four popular language blobs that you can raise! Pypy (Python), Javi (Java), Cici (C), and Hypee (HTML).

What it does

You raise a programming language blob. Feed it some bits, give some cuddly hugs, and code in a language to level it up!

How we built it

Java (Javafx) was used to create the game frame. Clip Studio Paint was the design lab where all the blobs became colorful 2D language blobs.

Challenges we ran into

Since we are only a duo, one person had to code and one had to design. Also, we struggled to align buttons and boxes very badly at 12 a.m. and GitHub doesn't want to cooperate with us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The code didn't break. (^o^)/

What we learned

Swing is awful. Use Javafx.

What's next for code-a-gotchi

No commercialization. But maybe if Bandai wants to buy it...

Built With

  • clip-studio-paint
  • java
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