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Week 3 Deliverables:

MVP Proof of Concept: (

To test our MVP, we are providing Challenges that have a positive impact on society for Data Scientists (Collaborators) to work on, hone their skills, and better their portfolios! To get a better understanding of how tokens will be distributed to users we are setting up a Reputation system that will allow us to give a value to actions that happen on our platform.

To achieve this we are taking the following steps:

  1. To find talent to work on challenges, we are reaching out to Data Science Bootcamps, Schools, Organizations and Meetup groups.
  2. To provide challenges that have a positive impact on society, we are reaching out to non-profits, Government, and Social Impact Startups.
  3. Experiment with using Reputation, acquired through developer hours, user posts, votes, conversations, and contributions, as a way to influence user engagement and facilitate collaboration.

We will be measuring User Engagement in the form of Developer Hours, User posts, Votes, Conversations, & Contributions as well as Social Impact as metrics for our success. We also plan to ask for Testimonials from our users. Our assumption is that there are a lot of people in the data science community that are looking to work on problems that have a positive impact on society, and that via this fulfilling work, they can improve on their own skills. It’s time to put that assumption to the test!

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