How to run:

  • Clone the package
  • Pull from anas-dev and dev to get all the packages
  • Run npm run postinstall of the root to install dependencies of all subclasses
  • Navigate to each exercise and run command npm run start
  • CodaCat is the perfect place for children to learn about coding with Coda in a simple and fun way. It includes many levels with multiple concepts to help children learn to code from a young age.

    We were inspired by the teacher's pet and the warm and fuzzy categories to create something cute and easy to pick up for children.

    There are five main concepts that are included in the game each having levels with varying difficulties:

    Inputting and Outputting

    A task where the player has to make the cat get onto the screen by simply using .show().

    A small interaction between Coda and the player where the player has to output a greeting and receives a greeting back from Coda.

    An assignment that includes positions and the interaction with the cursor and mouse. The player has to code the position of the mouse and this makes the eyes of the cat look in that direction when the mouse key is pressed.

    If and Else Statements

    For this task, the player has to create if statements to create a game to find where Coda is hiding on the screen. The player has to change the volume of a 'meow' that occurs based on the distance away from Coda so that it gets louder as you get closer.

    This assignment will include Coda walking back and forth from left to right on the screen. The player has to create if statements for when Coda reaches the right end of the screen to change directions and walk the opposite way and also do the same when reaching the left end.

    Loop Structures

    The player creates a program with a for loop that chooses the number of cats on each row to be outputted on the screen.


    Cota will be showing off his dance move and the player's job is to understand the idea of arrays by creating and choosing the order of the dance moves. The dance moves will then be repeated based on the order created by the player. The player has to do a slightly more complicated code which includes a bubble sort. There will be an array of cats of various heights and the job of the player is to order the cats from shortest to tallest from left to right. This will show the cats moving around to be organized and the idea of a bubble sort.


    Coda and his friends are hungry for food. The player's job is to create a function that receives the number of cats and gives each of them food to be happy and healthy.


    Flocking Concept - The cats will be running for food in a certain position on the edge of the screen. All the cats will be trying to eat the food and go in groups, but also do not want to collide into each other. The player has to figure out the mechanism and make it work? not sure how this part works completely.

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