My background is not in coding and I've only learned to code in order to make Coda Packs. Because of my non-technical background I find a strong desire to help make the more technical aspects of Coda more accessible to individuals. This Pack was wrought out of that desire - specifically making Coda Webhook automations and triggering them from docs with custom payloads more accessible to the average user

What it does

The Coda Webhook pack pings a Coda Webhook invoked automation. The true beauty of the pack though is its WebhookBody() formula which allows a user to easily define and construct a custom payload to send with the request.

How we built it

I built it in the pack studio!

Challenges we ran into

Small challenges that I ran into was developing the WebhookBody() formula with its variable arguments and other small parts of the code. Luckily I had some help from some like Leandro Z and Eric K

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Im specifically proud of how simple and small the code is in comparison the number of use-cases it unlocks for Coda users.

What we learned

A small pack can make a big difference!

What's next for Coda Webhook Pack

I can't wait to see what Coda builders start using the pack for! I plan to publish it in the gallery.

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